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Guys, you have no idea (unless you are dealing with childhood cancer yourself) how much help is needed out here.  There are families that are falling apart – one day “normal”, the next chaos strikes!  

I am under NO ILLUSION that I can help them all – at first my goal was fifty families in fifty states – HOWEVER, that currently is not God’s plan for me.  We had three families but only two are active – we have been unable to reestablish contact with one of the families after the mother herself wound up in the ER…

All I am trying to do with your help is extend the hand – it’s up to the family to take it!

Let’s consider for a moment my request for $10 a month.  IF and I mean a BIG IF we could get 100 people to donate, that would be $1000.00 a month that we could use to help a family in need.   Perhaps a week’s worth of groceries, a late utility bill, or maybe gas to get their child to their next appointment.

You could set Codys Kids up as a monthly commitment one of two ways – use Paypal right on the site which is OR you could simply set it up as an auto pay through your bank.  If you choose the latter, the address is Cods Kids c/o Sherrill Croft 4364 Bonita Road #284 Bonita CA 91902

GOD MOMENT!! PLEASE READ. I’m sitting here in McDonalds using the free wifi and a gentleman begins speaking to me.  In the course of our conversation, I mention Codys Kids (surprise!) and his eyes well up with tears.  Now this is a big strapping guy – one you would never expect to get emotional like that – especially in public no less, and he proceeds to tell me that he just came from finding out that his 36 year old nephew/God son, has intestinal cancer… and it is “spreading like wildfire”!

Never mind he has FIVE children!   Does his family qualify?  I think so….  but of course I need your help.

Many of you indicated you would support me by posting codys site on your facebook OR send it out via your email contacts – word of mouth is great too – however, if you are going to talk about it, please be prepared with contact information for the site!  Makes sense right?  That’s one way talk turns to ACTION.

And speaking of ACTION, again I am asking for the following:

  • PLEASE CONSIDER POSTING THE LINK ON FACEBOOK AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK  (people are busy and they forget about us)

Thanks to each of you that will take the time to read this, take action, and move us a step closer to letting a family know we care…..

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We need your help – time or financial!

We need your help – time or financial!

Hi everybody!   Had some communication issues and then got busy uh, lazy!   Got out of the habit of keeping this up when I couldn’t access.  So… what’s going on since I last blogged??  

 Life/God Moments/lots of enjoyment/and a few heartaches.

As glamorous as it may seem (and some of it is spectacular) I must admit that it’s a little lonely sometimes…

For those of you “in the know”, I am visiting Bill and his friends regularly and that has been my saving grace – I couldn’t do it without them and those of YOU out there that are keeping in touch.  It means the world to me!!

To those of you that I haven’t heard from (and I truly have no expectations) I would love it if you dropped me a line here OR ON FACEBOOK – find me under Sherrill Croft!

Ok, more under seperate title, I just wanted to break the ice and catch up a little in this post… keep reading!  xoxxooxxoo to ALL!


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Whew! It’s Tough Without Wifi…

Boy am I spoiled!  Spent over a week in Williamsburg, VA with my sister Crystal and friends I’ve had since I was 12!  Saw my niece and her family sweet Lea, amazing Jason, and baby Alexandra makes three!  By the way, she got the best attributes of BOTH parents!  Beautiful baby!

So the truth is I got a little lazy with the blogging – not that many of you missed it…  ok, ok! so everyone is busy – I get it!  thinking I would catch up at my next stop in Glen Burnie but alas, my wonderful host and sweetest cousin ever, is still in the dark ages – LOL!

But back to Williamsburg.  While the blogging was a little lax, my efforts remained intact and it looks like we have several volunteers and a new family!!  This time a six month old little boy with a guarded progonosis…

I pray you and me, through Codys Kids will be able to bring a little light to this young family.

If you haven’t volunteered or donated, won’t you consider doing so now?  There is much to be done!

Alone I am one, with YOU we are thousands…  Hugs to all, Sherrill


Small Town Southern Charm…and Murphy

New Bern, North Carolina ended up part of my journey – not my initial choice mind you – when I was trying to stay close to the Outer Banks, or the Nags Head area.   However, when looking to find a place to put my head down for a few nights, I soon realized the OB wasn’t in the budget 🙂

Scouring the map for a nearby town, New Bern subtly tugged at me and after all it was a mere fraction of an inch from that beautiful ocean… on paper at least.

Turns out the water is about 3 hours further east but I must admit, not getting to the ocean was the last of my regrets regarding this lovely little town.  A few less than 35 thousand I heard and pure southern hospitality I assure you.

It started with my host Jerry, a gentleman in his mid 70’s that is absolutely living life to the fullest!  An avid sailor, artist, singer and guitar player this bi-lingual former foreign diplomat is to be admired.  He peppered me with stories of journeys that I have but dreamed of and shared many moments of what appeared to be an eventful life.

Settling down in New Bern was in part due to the access to the many waterways where he could explore the seas and his passion for sailing. 

A wonderful addition to his household and a great pleasure for me was Murphy.  Murphy, a uniquely coated feline, with intense blue eyes, was a very attentive host.  Unlike his peers, Murphy tucked me in at night and stayed close by – most nights that is.  However, not wanting me to confuse him for a cat who really cares, my last few nights Murphy was no longer at the foot of my bed.

Many seeds for CK have been planted here in New Bern but I must note this seems to be a very altruistic community well before I arrived.  The tiny town paper has nearly an entire page dedicated to the numerous upcoming fund-raisers including support for the food bank and other worthy causes.

In this home to many churches and abundant caring hearts, I must trust that if someone like Cody came to this town’s attention, they wouldn’t need an outside source to rally them into action….


A Myrtle Beach Family…

Though there is a fair representation of seniors, Myrtle Beach especially in the ocean area where I have been staying, certainly appears to be a haven for the younger generation.

There is a brightly lit ferris wheel just down the boardwalk and a collection of sidewalk cafes and music streaming from the local pubs.  Quite a diverse mix I might add of country to rock to jazz – a note for everyone…

The weather here has been amazing – cool breezes mixed with just the right amount of sunshine – a hint of saltwater in the air.  A beautiful place that has become much to commercial for my taste.

Putt-putt golf dots many corners, and hundreds of billboards and banners hock their attractions – the traffic is not too bad – yet… but most of all I am struck by the southern charm many of the local folk seem to have despite the tourist invasion (smile).

Thank you, can I help you with that, and few car horns blasting “get out-of-the-way” when a wrong turn is made seems to be common here – good old fashion manners.

While here I have made a number of contacts in my ongoing effort to honor Cody.  There is a family, one of many I’m sure, that like we did, is struggling with the news your child has leukemia.  

A little girl this time because you’ll remember this disease knows no gender or social class – Lilly is her name.  The cancer diagnosis has taken its toll on all levels, the ripple effect has already touched every aspect of their life.  Is my child going to survive? How to pay for the part of the treatment not covered by insurance, IF the family has insurance.  The other children – and in this family there are others, and ultimately the stress and strain that couples endure and often don’t withstand – the parents have recently separated.

Praying that I have conveyed early on that Codys Kids cannot, nor are we trying to cure the ills of the world, or even this one family, I just want them to know that someone understands and gives a damn.  That a small sacrifice of time or money may be the boost to help them through one more day.

I hope you will help me help them – will you?

By myself I am one, but with you, I am thousands…


Sultry Savannah

Robert, my host and a fine southern gentleman, invited me to their annual neighborhood fund-raiser for what else but the American Cancer Society.   I ask him the attire as I was still enroute from St. Augustine and he promptly advised me to “come as you are…”   I did.

Well, unlike South Florida where you rarely can be “too casual”, I felt too casual.

The venue was a beautifully restored home with an elaborate courtyard where several hundred guests milled around exchanging stories.   Most of them dressed quite nicely for this garden party event. 

These folks, while enjoying themselves, were there for a worthwhile cause. I understand through the grapevine they raised about six thousand dollars during the 2 1/2 hour gathering.  

This was just a small introduction to the seeming hospitable nature and the sense of community that I felt during my stay.

Making a few contacts, I too quickly found my time there over and heading to my next stop Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – wonder what God’s got in store for me there…


St. Augustine was Amazing!

This is my second attempt – lol! Seems I still have a lot to learn about this ap 😦

I was greeted at my “host house” by a delightful little girl (schnauzer) Fiona. She barked endless welcomes until I thought she might (or was that hoped) lose her voice 😀

The home was cozy, kinda like where I grew up and for a brief moment in time, I went back quietly reflecting on where I had come from and who I am today. The process that brought me to this journey.

“Friends” came from everywhere and I was quickly adopted and it became a fast mix of business and pleasure.

To date the “volunteer effort” and the fund-raising is moving slowly – as I am sure is in the master plan – but I will continue… one mile at a time.

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Want to REALLY get involved…?

Thanks to everyone that is checking in and after just a short time on this journey I realize there is more need than I can possibly hope to address alone. 

Early on I understood that I am one but with you we can be thousands… 

Throughout my life my heart-strings have been tugged by various causes and I have donated to a number of them.  Mostly money but also my time.  From children abroad to assisting with the food bank at my church, I would reflect upon my many blessings as I reached out to those in their time of need.

I could write, ask, plead and more but only a few will come forward – will you?

Following are a few ways you may honor Cody (and yourself) in this cause:

  1. Every city needs a volunteer coordinator – this important role will serve to identify volunteers to assist a family with childhood cancer in crisis.   Community service ads need to be placed, perhaps speaking to local groups and civic organizations, and of course word of mouth!   Once volunteers have been identified and screened (you will have help with this), Codys Kids will contact our medical community to match a family in need. 

Many potential volunteers may not come forward for various reasons one of which may be financial.   With gas rapidly approaching and exceeding $4 a gallon, it may be a financial hardship for those who might otherwise gladly give their time.  

It is the goal of Codys Kids to purchase gas vouchers for the volunteers that join our team!   Through the donations and pledges, we will provide this cost saving measure in an effort to attract volunteers and assit as many families as possible.

2. Become a volunteer!   Be involved as much or as little as you wish.   Everything from preparing and delivering a home cooked meal, mowing a yard, or offering a little respite to an exhausted mom or dad.   Fill out the “contact us” sheet to start the process!

3. Donate – even $10 month will begin to make a difference – 100 folks at $10 a month – well you do the math  🙂  Click on the donate tab on our home page.

Can’t do any of the above?   Then PLEASE keep hitting the webpage and reminding your friends – we never know who might know someone that knows someone that…   you get the point.

Warm thoughts and appreciation to all!

Sherrill Marie


Amazing Key West…

Hi Guys! What an incredible experience which officially started at MM 0. Crystal blue waters, with a few cotton candy clouds in the sky, a gentle breeze that whispered of things to come…

I awoke to music. It was late in the day as I had a tough night due to chronic sciatic pain that is in full bloom. The music was a delightful distraction – the oldies – and I mean the REAL oldies.

An accordion of all things spread musical notes throughout the neighbor’s yard and trickled through my open windows. My Old Kentucky Home flavored my senses with things to come.

Baritone was it? I’m not an expert but my ears told me that “he” was something special – a God-given talent and for the next 90 minutes he and a quartet of other harmonious voices delighted this girl.

What a gift and that was just the beginning of Key West.


Here in Key West on 4/14 in Honor of Cody’s 16th…